The first truly portable e-scooter

Sometimes commuting or simply getting from A to B is just a nightmare.
And we end up wasting time and money while producing more and more CO2. Elisa has been designed and engineered to avoid the odyssey
of daily journeys in crowded cities.
We have placed the best of our effort to create a truly ultra-portable e-scooter to skip traffic and avoid parking & theft problems.
Elisa will get you there fast and then you can take it slow,
making more time for life.



Elisa is compact and has all you need. 350-Watt front engine, up to 40 km range. Folded, it is 75 cm long. That is no longer than a tennis racket. In drive position, it unfolds into a normal size e-scooter. Elisa is equipped with German standard lights (stVZO) and sidelights so that you can be seen. Elisa comes with a fixed 5 Ah battery hosted in the chassis and an auxiliary 5 Ah battery secured on top of the neck Bold.
Elisa is equipped with a large handlebar and an extra wide footboard for safe and stable driving. The 55 cm. wide handlebar allows smooth steering, precise control and is adjustable  to your height. The 25 cm. wide «twin footboard system» enables you to comfortably keep both feet parallel in order to balance weight distribution and optimize stability. Both handlebar and footboard are foldable to make your Elisa truly packable.
Minimizing volumes and dimensions  has been our obsession for over two  years, so that Elisa could become truly compact and ultra-portable. To achieve that we had to make it “shorter and smaller” when folded in packed mode but “bigger and longer” when unfolded in driving position. We obtained that by combining our “twin footboard concept” which automatically moves both footboards from horizontal to vertical positions while tilting both wheels and by making a retractable stem to the rear wheel. Nothing was standard. All is original Linkable engineering.
Elisa is compact and has all you need. She is equipped with German standard lights (stVZO) and reflective surfaces. Elisa has a 350-Watt engine, an electric brake in the front wheel and a mechanical one in the rear. Don’t miss Elisa’s original carry belt and its convenient carry bag that you can also use as a back pack. In addition, you can order the special converter to charge the battery while driving your car.
Three driving modes: 6, 12 and 20 km/h. You can switch from the fixed to the auxiliary battery with a simple touch on the display and have more juice for your daily moves.
Whether you are 155 or 195 cm tall, we want you to drive Elisa safely and comfortably. This is why we engineered a height adjustable handlebar to fit all sizes.
Ready for upcoming laws. Some countries require e-scooters to carry a number plate holder. Others don’t. Yet. At no extra space (and no extra cost)we are ready for this. Elisa comes with a number plate holder and …yes, it is foldable.
True to its mission of being the most ultraportable e-scooter, Elisa has three different carry systems. For short walking distances you can use the carry handle, for mid distances the carry belt, for longer stretches Elisa’s back pack is ideal.
Elisa hosts one fixed 5 Ah, waterproof ion-lithium battery in the lower part of the chassis. Depending on how and where you drive, its range is up to a maximum of 15 to 20 km on a full charge. But that may not be enough for you which is why we can provide an extra 5 Ah battery that will give you 15 to 20 km more autonomy. This extra battery does not call for additional volume as it is hosted on top of the neck and, when in fold position, is recessed between the footboards.

Elisa is the most ultra-portable e-scooter. She is “big on the streets and small on your shoulders”. On the road, it becomes just as long as standard e-scooter with the additional benefits of a 25 cm. footboard. That is almost twice as large as the normal ones. This peculiar feature makes driving it particularly comfortable and, at the same time, more stable and safe. When folded it is shorter than a tennis racket and, thanks to its handle and belt, you can easilycarry it around. In drive position is just as large as a normal scooter. Elisa’s are two wheels you can handle. She is so compact you may easily store 4 o 5 in the trunkof a compact car. Elisa means safety, compactness, foldability and unmatched portability. She is always with you and as you don’t need to park it, she is theft free.

Reach out to us anytime and lets create a better future for all technology users together, forever. We are open to all types of collab offers and tons more.