Figaro logo

The only ee-scooter youu can trolley.

  • 12 inches large air wheels
  • 350 W engine
  • Up to 40 km range
  • 9,6 Ah + 9,6 Ah (optional)
  • 2 disc brakes + 1 electric brake
  • High visibility lights & Side lights
  • Large handlebar
  • Patented folding system
  • Adjustable stem height
  • Turns into a trolley
Figaro is bigger! In fact it has: longer wheel base to smoothly surf the city traffic, larger handlebar to better control steering and braking Wider 12 inch wheels and larger tire base for a more comfortable ride.
1 disc brakes, 1 electric brake.
Larger footboard for a more comfortable and stable stand, German standard lights (stVZO).
Side lights & Reflectors


Lucido è la e-bike pieghevole a ruota alta che sarà presentata alla fiera di Francoforte in anteprima il 21 giugno 2023.

Thanks to its “in & out standing” folding mechanism, you can just turn it into a trolley, carry it around in your city commuting and… Park it in no space or easily store in the trunk of a car or in a boat.
Three driving modes: 6, 12 and 20 km/h. You can switch from the fixed to the auxiliary battery with a simple touch on the display and have more juice for your daily moves.

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