Electric foldable scooters. We made the most versatile in the market

Most e-scooter Brands include foldable vehicles in their product range, as they aim at making their e-scooters transportable after their use on the road. Or rather, they claim it.

The principle is certainly valid, but the results are still far from appealing. All foldable products in the market have simply inserted a folding element, such as a hinge, at the base of the handlebar’s stem. No product underwent a specific design process. The results are largely improvable and coupled with little comfort and poor manageability.

Linkable is a completely new foldable e-scooter idea, born from the need to improve substantially the existing offer with unprecedented folding solutions that make its products easily portable and manageable, once off the road.
Its concepts are unique and make the difference versus all competitors.

Thanks to patented folding mechanisms, unseen in the market, Linkable has achieved to create a range of ultra-compact electric two-wheels that combine unmatched versatility with a superior quality and functional aesthetics. Once the destination reached, simple hand movements activate release systems that uncoil the entire structure of the scooters.
The wheels end up housed inside the frames and the footboards bend in a way to squeeze the vehicles dramatically, for comfortable transport off the road and storage in a small space, anywhere and with minimal bulk. At the end, ELISA squeezes down to the size of a tennis racket and FIGARO, our heavy-duty vehicle, that of an airport trolley.

The patented folding mechanisms and any other amenity have seen the light entirely within the walls of Linkable’s lab, thanks to the conjoint work of the whole team.

Linkable foldable e-scooters embody a trendy and evolutionary solution for healthy and enjoyable urban travel to and from home, subway, university, office and leisure.
Once the final destination has been reached, Linkable’s foldable e-scooters find a cosy stowage place in an office, at home or in a restaurant, thanks to their elegant soft case, fitted with a shoulder strap… And you can say goodbye to any parking, theft or vandalism problems.
Is that enough? Of course not. In order to offer the most versatile foldable e-scooters in the market we also paid unparalleled attention to aesthetics, functionality and safety on the road. In fact, our e-scooters enjoy an original Italian design for a stylish and unconventional look. The use of cutting-edge materials and smartly positioned carrying handles have sensibly improved off-road transportation. Advanced technology has led to achieve top performances and an ultra-safe ride, meaning top stability and comfort on the road in terms of ergonomics and user posture.

Talking of performance and safety, our foldable e-scooters operate a twin battery system that ensures up to 35 km of operation IN continuous motion at 25 km/h. Plus, they are equipped with larger wheels’ size, solid brakes, efficient lighting system and absence of visible cables for maximum safety and manageability, on and off the road. They make extensive use of IT to offer a digital platform for gps and cell phone connection, energy saving display and Life Cycle Assessment calculation in the near future. A Rear view camera and proximity alarms minimize the risk of road accidents and a displacement alarm informs the owner that then vehicle is moving, to prevent theft. All key information is displayed at the same time and clearly visible, from remaining battery autonomy, to repair warnings.

For these reasons, there are currently no direct competitors to the Linkable product range.


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