How do influencers see Linkable?

Josè Peña, from Miami, likes innovative products. He can’t wait testing new proposals and reporting his sensations for the benefit of the users. He enjoys more than 1 million followers, his blogs and presence on the social media are widespread and Jose has a loud voice, when it comes to evaluate innovative offers. We asked him to test Figaro and Elisa, Linkable’s first stars.

This is what Jose’s voice recording.

To my mind, Linkable products advocate and promote a sustainable life. Specifically, an existence in which people get to have ‘more time for life’, focused on their own personal well-being and to that of our planet.

Linkable e-scooters are designed to ease peoples’ micro mobility in urban centers and naturally extend such experience, thanks to their superior folding features that reduce their size substantially and facilitate their transport and storage, practically everywhere. The unique ‘folding-portability-storage’ formula is Linkable’s trademark and goes far beyond the traditional transportation services offered by usual e-vehicles. Owing Linkable products becomes a breakthrough event: they are always with you, they discretely accompany you everywhere you go, ready to turn magically into the most efficient and convenient transport devices you can imagine, thanks to their superior compactness and ease of carrying, once folded.

I have tested Linkable prototypes through the city center, I went shopping, to the park, in the subway and I have even packed and stored three Elisa models in the locker of my car (!) After the test, I could hardly accept to return the products to the producer, so quickly I became addicted to their versatility and presence on my side. Their folding mechanisms and simplicity of transport positively surprised me. More, they astonished me, as promised by the product description on Linkable’s side. And this aspects turned out to be not only functional advantages for the user, but also image-related benefits: once folded, the products do not lose their elegance, besides turning into your off-the road discrete partners.

Linkable products sensibly mitigate urban daily life nuisances: traffic, emissions, smog, search and costs of parking space, theft risk. In summary, they contribute to save costs and time, by reducing urban stress and expand the traditional transport concept. In addition to many product in the market, they offer two key distinctive characteristics vs other micro-mobility solutions: engineering and safety. Their modern, sophisticated design is superior to most of the competitors, from an engineering perspective.

The external folding of Lucido’s wheels in oval shape is a perfect example of engineering perfection, with style. And the compactness of folded Elisa in its minimalistic rectangular reminds nothing less than a tennis racket. Talking of safety, the thickness of the front wheels of both e-scooters cushions mobility, substantially. This aspect is often ignored in current e-scooters. Nonetheless, it is crucial for both safety and pleasure reasons during mobility. The width of the handlebar is larger, when confronted with other e-scooters. This is an important safetyy feature, as it guarantees better balance, especially for tall people, like me.

The meta-futuristic design, coupled with the color pallet and the innovative construction materials make Linkable an excellent solution, currently absent on the e-mobility market.

Linkable’s goal is to not only simplify mobility and make it more enjoyable, but it also aims to present e-mobility as a new way of introducing one-self: ecological, very efficient, elegant and healthy.


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