Shared thoughts and feelings on micro-mobility, environmental impact and e-scooters

Shared thoughts and feelings on micro-mobility, environmental impact and e-scooters “I want to forget getting stuck in traffic or combing the whole city for a parking space. I decided an electric scooter and more particularly a foldable and portable one, is ideal for avoiding city traffic stress. I also think it’s time to participate in improving the environment.

The era-defining geopolitical story of our times is climate change.” This reasoning seems to have become widespread thinking, today, in a pandemic era where efficiency and sustainability have finally deserved a key role. When urban traffic is concerned, people look incrementally for individual, adaptable and functional solutions, as opposed to busy public transportation and overcrowded city lanes.

Collective search for more environmental-friendly modes of transport and reduced emission is seeing some progress, with electric scooters being one of the frontrunners, so far. They only use a small amount of electricity and give off no emissions, which is better for the air quality of the cities and for the lungs of their residents. As a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of travelling, it doesn’t get any better. Many people who used to struggle walking long distances to work or catching buses and underground transportation packed beyond belief, found the answer to their aspirational freedom in foldable electric scooters.

Now, they can hop on and off their e-scooter as they wish: they know it fill the gaps of the transportation network, even in areas with mediocre transit access. This new form of mobility is worth our attention. One example is Linkable’s scooters. Linkable’s electric scooters are fully foldable and incredibly compact, making ultra-portability possible: they can be carried easily, taken on a bus, stored in the office furniture and even in a taxi’s trunk!
Then, when the times come, a simple unfolding maneuver and they are on their way, lighter, clever and elegant, even when folded. Perfect compromises in their whisper-quiet mode.

Of course, we know that riding an electric scooter is not a replacement for a workout, but it activates people’s core and improve their balance. Using a scooter is a great way of substituting a car seat for something more active. If electric scooters are fast enough to be useful and fun to ride, only the best offer control to feel safe and secure, while riding. The batteries feeding these motors do require regular charging, but depending on the capacity, some top models possess a range of up to 40km and they are equipped with built-in headlights, for safe night rides as well.

Linkable’s electric scooters come with all these definite advantages. They have a fashionable design and functions that provide a comfortable and convenient riding experience, under any conditions. And they can be folded up and taken to the office, to avoid potential theft.
If one is torn between a traditional two wheels and a scooter for riding in an urban area, the choice is easy! Scooters are agile. Their maneuverability means one can travel around the city easily and comfortably carry with him the foldable and portable models (see Linkable’s products). They’re also safer because reaction time is quicker. One can jump of the deck quickly if he or she needs to avoid a collision. Scooters aren’t going to break any acceleration records but they are light and easy to ride. They are surprisingly stable, once in motion, like Linkable, also prevent feeling the cracks and the bumps of the road and make the riding experience a real pleasure.


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